Friday, February 28, 2014

FREEWILL - Live at Gilman Street, 13th August 1988.

Ok, so here's another one from the vault - a live cassette of FREEWILL from California, USA playing at the famous "Gilman Street" venue.  This is from a show they played on Saturday the 13th of August. Also on the bill that day were Last Option; Reason To Believe; Walk Proud and Think Twice.  All this for just USD $5.00 according to the ad from Gilman.

The FREEWILL line up for the show was:
Scott Gravois - vocals
Paul Cranston - guitar
Charlie Trujillo - drums

Mike Hartsfield - bass

Here's some photos from the actual show. I took these down from the  FREEWILL Facebook Page

Here's the tracklist for the live recording:

1. Respect II
2. Just Being Myself
3. Almost Again
4.Nothing Lasts
5. End to the Issue
6. Easy
7. New Road
8. Complete Style
9. Mirror Me
10. Trial (Verbal Assault cover)

Download the audio here:   FREEWILL live Gilman Street 1988

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