Monday, August 8, 2011

SOLITUDE - "I Hear Silence" 2 song demo

This band post-dates "Outspoken" and it features both Dennis Remsing and Mike Hartsfield of that band.  The band only used the name "Solitude" for a while and then changed to "Drift Again".  (Apparently someone else was already using the name "Solitude").

More info on Solitude- band members etc - Solitude on "Band to Band"

The "Drift Again" Myspace page:  Drift Again

As far as I know this two track demo is the only release they had, though Drift Again released an EP on the Network Sounds label.  Also Mike Hartsfield released another Solitude tune on his MySpace page, and you can find it via the excellent "Stuck In The Past" blog:   Stuck In The Past - Hartsfield

Download the 2 songs, cover & lyrics here:  Download from Mediafire


  1. Hi man
    Thanks for doing this job - I was looking for a long time for this cassete.
    I have big ask for you - can you make for me copy of Undertow cassete and Solitude and send with postage? I really wanted to listen for them on my phono tape player. I will of course pay for cassetes and postage,

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  2. Can you please revamp this link for me, it seems to be dead and I really want to download this.

    1. Hi,

      The link is now back in action. Thanks for letting me know.

      Enjoy !