Sunday, January 9, 2011

LARM - "Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights" EP

High speed Dutch SxE Hardcore from one of the most important and pioneering Eurpean bands of the 1980s.

From their Wikipedia page:  

"Lärm (German for noise) were a Dutch straight edge thrashcore band formed in 1981, first playing under the name of Total Chaoz. Lärm pioneered what would later be called power violence, along with bands Heresy and Siege. However, they referred to their music as "extreme noise", though having nothing to do with noise rock or noise music.

Due to members being straight edge, which was something uncommon in the crust punk scene, Lärm were different from many bands at the time. The group also turned down contracts from record labels like Nuclear Blast, eventually resulting in their break up. Members went on to form Seein Red and the more conventionally straight edge Manliftingbanner.

Since 2003, Lärm played one show a year, though most have been with stand-in vocalists. Seein' Red has re-recorded some Lärm songs under the name Lärm as Fuck."

Old inerview here:  XXX LARM Interview XXX 

01. Mouth Full of Teeth
02. Move to Russia
03. Ask More
04. Apolitical Dick
05. Woensdrecht
06. Who's One?
07. Animals Have Feelings Too
08. Start
09. Bubba's Revenge
10. Shades
11. Smog
12. Violence Sucks!
13. Let's Dance

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