Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PROFOUND - Live at the Tivoli, Utrecht

Here's a rare treat - some live songs by Dutch political hardcore band Profound.  Nine tracks in all.


These guys released a demo ("Dutch Wolfpack") and an EP ("Integrity").  They were a Straight Edge band but with very Communist ideals. Their EP was released on Crucial Response Records.

They included 2 former members of LARM - brothers Paul & Olav Van den Berg. Members of Profound also went on to bands such as "Colt Turkey", "Man Lifting Banner" and "Dead Stool Pigeon".

1. Face The Fight
2. Suffer for my Choice
3. Consume & Kill
4. One of Them
5. Bow for the Bucks
6. Yo2
7. Rage
8. X is for Respect
9. Wolfpack (DYS cover)

New download link here !


  1. the zip file only includes 4 songs (4,5,8,9)

    1. Thanks Anonymous.

      I have fixed the download now and all the songs should be there now.

  2. do you happen to have the Dutch Wolfpack demo? I'd really like to hear that one as well!!

    1. I'm prettt sure that I have it..... somewhere in the house !

    2. I'm prettt sure that I have it..... somewhere in the house !

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