Wednesday, August 10, 2011

False Face - "Where It Ends" EP (1990)

Here's another excellent old school UK Hardcore band. These guys were among the batch of UK (and European) edge bands that exploded onto the scene in the late 1980's.  They released a demo tape and this 4 track EP.

The band have just set up their own Facebook page and you check it out here False Face Facebook

If you like the EP then check back soon as I'll be putting up their demo soon!

Here's their Biography from the Facbook page 

False Face were a hardcore punk band from durham city..mid 80s..released a demo tape called DCHC..12 tracks..then went on to record a 4 track ep in 1989 called "where it ends" in 1989..recorded at the bunker sunderland..released 1000 copies only on the crab song label from france.false face played numerous gigs around the local area supporting the likes of steadfast(voorhees)fellow durham city band..and playing shows in and around Durham the kings head at ferryhill. 

Band members were fraser robinson-vocals..darrell hindley-guitar..johnny "bones" kelly-bass..and john g..drums..who all recorded on the demo and single..then they were then replaced by patty on bass and gaz cousins on drums.

2. Where It Ends
3. Youth Will Stay
4. Face to Face

Download here !

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