Sunday, April 4, 2010

STEADFAST - "The Time Is Now" demo

Here's the 2nd instalment of 80's UK Straight Edge - a demo tape of Steadfast, probably the first sXe band in the UK.  These guys remind me of the early Revelation bands and at the time were certainly a breath of fresh air in the Euro Hardcore scene.  They certainly weren't afraid to court controversy and songs like "Anarchy is Dumb" and "Hope You Die Real Soon" (a message to smokers about passive smoking), definitely would have set them apart from the crusty punk scene which dominated the UK at the time.

Apart from this demo they also released a self titled EP on Thinking Smart Records in 1991.  I don't have this, so if anyone can hook me up with a copy - or some mp3s, I'd be grateful.


1. Our Sights Are Set.
2. Anarchy is Dumb.
3. Every Night.
4. Grind.
5. Switch Off.
6. School For The Blind.
7. Hope You Die Real Soon.
8. Open Up.

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  1. I have had the 7" ep for a few years now, good stuff!!!