Friday, April 30, 2010

STALAG 17 - "Erection 87" demo

Here's a 5 track demo from one of the most important bands of the 1980's Belfast punk scene.  Stalag 17, who along with fellow band "Toxic Waste" formed the nucleus of the hugely important "Warzone Collective" in Belfast.  This demo was released to coincide with the 1987 General Election in the UK, so I suppose this is a fairly apt time to up this little treasure!


1. Party Talk.
2. Society.
3. No more 84.
4. Law and Order.
5. And The Birdie Said.


  1. great demo have this one posted this one on my blog a few months ago the sad thing is there are 5 songs missing on your copy like mine i hope to find there 4 othere demos some day.

    ps could you re-up the APOCALYPSE demo

  2. Hi. I have an original cassette that I bought from the band. There are only 5 songs on the demo. 2 songs on side A and 3 on side B.

  3. nice to know what i was told was wrong

  4. Julia of Giro's directed me here...
    Would like to get in touch with people from Stalag 17 (about a gig we did for them -
    Can anyone help?
    Brob (Belgium)