Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gorilla Biscuits - "Having a Great Time..... Wish you Were Here"

Here's a nicebootleg CD of "Gorilla Biscuits" for you - one of my favourite US bands.  It was released on a German label called "Checkpoint Records".  The quality isn't bad at all - it was done through the Soundboard at the GB's final gig in Germany in 1991 (well final gig before the Reunions !).

Enjoy - more coming soon.....

01 New Direction
02 Cats And Dogs
03 GM2/Slut
04 Hold Your Ground
05 Competition
06 Distance (Moondog cover)
07 High Hopes
08 Sitting Around At Home
09 Big Mouth
10 Are You Really Down? (Moondog cover)
11 Degradation
12 Things We Say
13 Better Than You
14 Start Today
15 Biscuit Power
16 Forgotten
17 Cowboy Song
18 Should I Stay...(The Clash cover)

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