Monday, February 15, 2010

Crude And Snyde - demo tape plus 2

Alright - another Anarcho Punk nugget from way back.  Once again this lot are from Drogheda.  This is the demo by Crude and Snyde, an amazing band from the late 80's scene.  Also included are untitled 2 practice songs.

1. Holocaust.
2. All things bright and beautiful.
3(a) Father to son. 3(b) Direct your aggression.
4. Stereotypes.
5. War.
6.Right to survive.
7. Don't conform.
8. Auschwitz.
9. Fat rich bastards.
10. Poison.
12. War.
13. .....
14. Practice song 1.
15 Practice song 2.

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  1. possible to get copy of this tape,plus one from apocalypse at all.have 7" of E.I.T.K. who were another great drog band.Appeared on ROIR World Class Punk c60n in 84.trying to locate master tape i originally sent to them back then